What is the Fluid Athlete?

The Fluid Athlete is developed by former police officer turned yoga teacher, Sofie Ringsten. It´s a fusion of yin yoga, Chinese medicine and active mobility work, on and/or off the water, focusing on getting you into the fluid human being you´re meant to be. (Did you know the human body consists of about 50-75 % water?)

The main focus is to educate yoga teachers in yin yoga and/or sup yoga, as well as offering classes to individual athletes, teams, and all other humans to #getfluid

Part of The Fluid Athlete is also The Police Recovery Project – yoga for cops.

I teach three modules of yin yoga
foundations. Chinese medicine. yin yoga for athletes

The SUP yoga training is made for each student to bring their own style of yoga into a floating arena.

Online courses coming spring 2018, in Swedish and English.

Welcome The Fluid Athlete!
/ Sofie Ringsten

Yin Yoga teacher training

My teaching is based on simple, effective and powerful yin yoga, including yin yoga poses, breath awareness and mind training. Our bodies are made to last a lifetime, but we need to take care of them properly to fully enjoy our life. As many athletes and people in general are discovering, Yin Yoga can increase the quality of life, benefit athletic performance, and help speed recovery from injury. It is also an amazing tool to use as a strategy to prevent minor injuries from becoming chronic problems. Continue reading “Yin Yoga teacher training”

SUP Yoga Education

I´m happy and humbled to call myself SUP Yoga pioneer in Sweden, in collaboration with Surfbussen, who believed in me all those years ago when I asked them to trust me about SUP Yoga. No one was teaching it in Sweden at that time, and we were the first to offer this method in Sweden.

Today I teach SUP Yoga teacher trainings in Sweden and other countries, focusing on how to educate yoga teachers in paddle technique, safety and how to transform their earth bound teaching to a floating arena. Continue reading “SUP Yoga Education”

Kind Words

“This education has given me increased knowledge and understanding of how we can work with the fascia in our bodies, in order to prevent injuries, but also to relieve pain. It also brought new insights on how yin yoga and minfulness are a great way to strengthen the mental ability and thus improve performance, and that yin yoga can be a tool for learning how to handle emotions in the sports arena and in race/competition, and of course also outside of sport. I had no knowledge before the training about Chinese medicine, so it gave me another dimension of education. Myofascial release was also new to me, and I will definitely use it as a complement to yin yoga.”

– Hanna Flordal, YYFA teacher, specialized in swimming and cycling Continue reading “Kind Words”