Meet the new YYFA teachers!

Yesterday was special. The first yoga teachers trained in the YYFA ® method finished their 6-day training, and it was an honor giving each one of them a certificate of 50 hours of Yin Yoga teacher training, focusing on the athlete´s body and mind.



The YYFA ® training is divided in two parts, where the first part is focused on introducing the YYFA ® method, in theory and practice. It´s three days filled with yin yoga practice, and theory of the mindful athlete, common sports injuries and how to implement breath work and mindfulness practice in the athlete´s busy schedule. The second weekend is also filled with yin yoga practice, as well as myofascial release exercises, and theory. This time it´s not only myself presenting theory around the athlete, but each one of the participants are presenting case studies on athletes from different sports. Both myself and my teacher trainer assistant was deeply impressed by their work.

Meet the teachers

During the training I wanted the teachers to dig deep into the daily life of athletes from different sports, which is why I created case studies, to allow them to choose a sport and study that particular sport in depth. How does the football player move? How does the fighter train? What kind of injuries are characteristic for their unique sport? And most of all, how do they implement meditation, mental training, visualization, relaxation and recovery in their busy training- and life schedule.


I allowed them to choose a sport dear to their heart, to empower their passion in combining yin yoga with the sport they feel drawn to. In this group, we managed to cover 13 different sports, and each one of the teachers presented case studies around sport specific yin yoga related to: football, crossfit, golf, swimrun, tennis, cycling, long distance running, skiing, climbing, horse riding, ice hockey, swimming and sailing. They all showed broad knowledge and understanding of their sport, as well as passion of reaching more people in the sport arena, to teach sport specific yin yoga and mindfulness.

In the near future these teachers will be presented here on the YYFA ® website, for you to handpick a skilled teacher knowledgeable in your sport.


I´m looking forward to spreading the YYFA ® method, to help athletes from all types of sports to feel, train, live and recover better. As athletes, and human beings. To be able to practice your sport longer, with lesser injuries, and a more focused and relaxed mind. Longevity in your sport is key, and the YYFA ® have got some great tools for you to use.

Thank you ladies who participated in this first YYFA ® teacher training. Now let´s help our athletes live better in their bodies!

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