Living with the seasons, a Chinese medicine perspective – part 1

If you´re in love with stand up paddle boarding and SUP yoga, it means you´re passionate about the outdoors. At least you have some love for nature since you´re drawn to standing and resting on water, and that should mean you have some love for nature, am I right?

Well, loving nature is one thing. Studying it is another. Learning from it is to take it even further, and embracing a life lived according to the natural laws which govern the universe. Laws which include human beings, with health and harmony as a reward, if one lives according to the seasons.


This new blog post series is centered around the theme “living with the seasons”. A series of articles where I´m going to take you through an in-depth look at something worth giving insight to, as a (SUP) yoga practitioner. At least if you´re interested in learning some of the hidden secrets of that gorgeous place we call our yoga studio – nature.

I´m going to take you through the basic philosophy of Chinese medicine, and its 5 element theory. A theory we can use as outdoor people, yogis, stand up paddle boarders, or just humans looking for a more balanced way of life. And of course, I´ll implement some surf perspective too.

Living with the rhythms of the seasons is an often ignored aspect of modern Chinese Medicine. This is the idea of adapting ourselves and our lifestyles to the Earth’s natural cycles and the seasons.

– Rhythms Chinese Medicine 


Being a SUP yoga teacher or student alike, you spend a certain amount of your time on water. Likewise, you probably spend as much time (or more) longing for the practice, during months were the weather is cold, and the water has turned to ice. A time where you´re left with your earth bound yoga practice. That is not a bad thing. That means nature is leading the way – showing us SUP yoga might not be an appropriate practice according to the season. That doesn´t mean we couldn´t use all the aspects of the element water – in a different way.


Learning about living according to the seasons means learning how to keep your yoga practice alive, according to the seasons. It means gaining insight on the why behind certain emotions and reactions typical for a season. It means learning how to take care of yourself, and your inner life, by knowing the hidden secrets of each season when it comes to certain areas of the body needing extra care, emotions related to those body areas, and knowing why it´s actually a good idea to give the board some rest during certain months.

Gaining insight about living according to natures seasons, mean learning how to create yoga classes centered around themes and specific body parts and meditations/inquiries, based on the Chinese medicine philosophy.


This first post is an opening and presentation to the blog post series. Next step is an introduction to Chinese medicine philosophy, and then we´ll continue to go deeper, step by step. Basic doesn´t mean easy, though. That´s why we´ll go through the steps slowly, so you´ll have enough time to read and reflect.

During the seasons, you´ll gain knowledge on the specific hidden treasures of that specific season, its characteristics, and some tips on appropriate meditations to add to your yoga practice.

Using the philosophy around Chinese medicine is something I personally do, in my life as a yoga teacher and athlete. It´s a truly amazing insight to implement to your life, in all parts. It offers you perspective on your life, understanding and insight on yourself as an individual, and how you can live your life with more harmony.

I´m looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you.

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