My Lungs and Large intestine is what? METAL element

So, fall is here. Or autumn if you prefer. We´ve left the shift of September, the earth phase, to head into the season of letting go. The season of Metal.

In Chinese medicine, fall is the season of Metal. As mentioned in the blog post series “SUP yoga life, a Chinese medicine perspective – part 2”, seasons have specific rhythms and each season represent parts of our bodies. This is tied to natures seasons and cycles, corresponding to the 5 element/phases.


In the Chinese medicine theories and philosophy – the season off fall belongs to the Metal element – connected to a season of letting go, preparing for winter.

This season provides amazing opportunities to start to slow down. Earth have been in a point of stillness in the former earth phase, and nature is now for real starting to slow down, entering the yin part of the year.

We´ve gone through the wood season during spring with a start of the yang energies – into summer and the peak of yang – and September to prepare ourselves for the beginning of the yin season. Now it´s here. The beginning of the inward, cooling season of yin.


Fall – Metal – is connected to our Lungs and Large intestine. The related emotions are sorrow, but also inspiration.

Season: Fall
Element: Metal
Color: White
Climate: Dryness
Letting go, breathing, the ability to take in and release what we no longer need
Organs: Lungs, large intestine
Meridians: Inside and outside part of our arms


The Lungs in Chinese medicine is paired with the Large intestine. Both are organs responsible for taking in, as well as releasing. Through the lungs we breathe in fresh Qi (from outside), and through our large intestine we release what our body doesn´t need.

According to Chinese medicine, the lungs are, just as western medicine views the lungs, responsible for supplying oxygenated blood to every organ of the body, as well as eliminating waste from cells through our expiration. According to Chinese medicine, the lungs are also connected to the emotion sorrow/sadness, as well as inspiration. And this goes for both physical and spiritual aspects. Chinese medicine view things energetically, remember, so it makes sense that the lungs are paired with the large intestine since the large intestine is responsible for helping the body eliminating waste.

Autumn reminds us that flexibility and adaptability are crucial for staying healthy and balanced during the winter months ahead. During this time you will want to prepare for the challenges of winter by completing unfinished projects, clearing away clutter and debris, setting extra food and fuel aside, and making sure that you are physically and emotionally prepared for the cold, dark months to come.



This is a time of organizing your life. Don´t worry so much about all things need to be done. Think about what you´ve accomplished!

Here´s two tips of living in harmony during fall:

  • Do stuff one at a time. Finish what you´re doing, and then move on to the next task. Take in, and release.
  • Let go. Unburden yourself. Really. Unburden yourself. Create time for meditation. Time for relaxation. Try and not get too stressed about all the routines you´re back into after summer. Take time to do nothing. Go sit by the water, and observe. Watch how water act during this season. Breathe and smell the scents of nature.
The emotion connected with Metal is grief or sadness. In autumn we are saying farewell to the abundance of summer and preparing for the reflective time that is to come. Metal connects us with the ability to let go of the past and create the space for the new.



So, how does nature behaves during fall? Go out and look. Grab you paddle board, and go out and study the water, wind, trees and everything around you. Can you see how nature is slowing down and resting? Can you feel how nature is letting go?


During this time of the year, in many countries it´s amazing to see the stillness and feel the letting go part from nature. There´s a sense of releasing, letting go and resting. The trees are letting go of their leaves, knowing there will be new leaves next year. No tree holds on to the leaves because they might need them next year. Nah, the trees let the leaves go. Can you let go of your leaves, knowing there will be new ones next year?


The main emotion for fall is sadness. Working with breathing exercises can help us tap into this emotion, potentially letting things go, turning sadness into inspiration. I love stretching my arms and do Pranayama on my SUP board during October, using the energy of the season to let go of the fire and earth seasons, creating some clarity for what´s ahead of me. Sorting out by taking in fresh Qi, letting go of what has been, creating space for what´s ahead.


During your practice – try and target your lungs and large intestine meridians, i.e. your arms, as well as your breath. The calming effects of yin yoga is amazing, where you´ll target your fascia (where your meridians flow) to help regulate Qi in your body.
On my board I often do some slow movements first so I don´t get too cold, and then ease into some nourishing yin poses. If it´s too cold to relax on the board, I paddle – and then take my yin practice indoors after my paddle session.

The emotion connected with Metal is grief or sadness. In autumn we are saying farewell to the abundance of summer and preparing for the reflective time that is to come. Metal connects us with the ability to let go of the past and create the space for the new.


Good yoga poses to stretch your arms is Melting heart, Evil shoulder opener, Broken wings and Eagle arms. Be creative and target both the inner and outer parts of your arms. Add some breathing exercises. It doesn´t have to be advanced at all, just brining awareness to your breath will make a difference, and trying to create space for your lungs to breathe, by stretching around your heart and lungs on all sides of your body.M

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