Target Area

Flexion for the spine. Adductors (groin). Some people feel this pose around the outer hips and IT band as well.

How to

Place the soles of your feet together. Relax your legs and allow your knees do drop to the sides. Slowly start to relax your spine and melt into a forward bend. Don´t try and push and pull yourself as close to your feet as possible. Just relax into the pose, and as soon as you feel resistance – stop. That´s your first edge.

Allow your arms to rest where it feels comfortable. Your arms can rest on the floor, on your legs or wherever it feels good.

There´s not one way to do this pose. Feel the target area, and modify the pose until you feel the target area, and can allow your muscles to relax.


If your hips don´t allow you to melt forward (often due to compression), try sitting on a pillow, bolster, book or block – to lift your hips and make it easier to tilt the pelvis so you can melt forward. However, do allow your spine to be rounded still – in yin yoga we want a rounded spine… 

How long

Stay around 2-10 minutes. The slowly start to roll up, and stretch your legs out in front of you. Feel the sensations of releasing the pose!

Do you need guidance?

Contact me for an online session! 

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