Target Area

Back body. Flexion for the spine. (Hamstrings for some).

How to

Take a seat and stretch your legs out in front of you. Relax your legs and feet. Slowly round your spine and fold forward. Stop at your first edge, where your body naturally stops. Don´t push to go further. “If you´re feeling it, you´re doing it”, as Bernie Clark says. Play with your edges. You don´t have to go as deep as possible. When you feel your spine, and specifically a stretch along your spine all the way up to your neck, stay there. Relax.

This pose is a game changer. Really. When you´re done, slowly roll up and come all the way down to rest on your back. Stay there for a few moments and feel the benefits! This pose can put you in a deep state of relaxation. Game changer.

There´s not one way to do this pose. Feel the target area, and modify the pose until you feel the target area, and can allow your muscles to relax.

How long

Stay around 2-8 minutes. Then slowly ease out of the pose and relax a moment before you shift leg.

Do you need guidance?

Contact me for an online session!

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