the Ice hockey player

Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice. A fast-paced and physical sport, with strong and tough athletes good at speed, power and team work.

Ice hockey is a tough game. Aggressive contacts between players, rigid obstacles and solid surface may result in high energy trauma and severe injuries despite protective equipments. Ice hockey players need to take care of their bodies, and mind.

How can Yin Yoga and Mindfulness help ice hockey players stay injury free?

Well, probably not injury free. But Yin Yoga and Mindfulness can indeed help ice hockey players prevent some of the injuries they are prone to. Yin Yoga can also help speed recovery from injury, and build mentally strong players. Mindfulness does wonders for the individual player, as well as the group and team building work.

YYFA trained yoga teachers specialized in ice hockey

Camilla Halvarsson, Sweden

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