Kind Words

“This education has given me increased knowledge and understanding of how we can work with the fascia in our bodies, in order to prevent injuries, but also to relieve pain. It also brought new insights on how yin yoga and minfulness are a great way to strengthen the mental ability and thus improve performance, and that yin yoga can be a tool for learning how to handle emotions in the sports arena and in race/competition, and of course also outside of sport. I had no knowledge before the training about Chinese medicine, so it gave me another dimension of education. Myofascial release was also new to me, and I will definitely use it as a complement to yin yoga.”

– Hanna Flordal, YYFA teacher, specialized in swimming and cycling

“This Teacher Training was a very good education for my development, both as a yoga teacher, but also as an athlete. It was very instructive and interesting to hear about the different sports and the patterns and injuries we will encounter. It was also very rewarding to meet more yin-enthusiasts who are passionate to learn and teach this.

I also want to praise Course Manager Sofie and Assistant Tove for their amazing commitment, great knowledge and patience. It is extremely important that we as students have enough time to explore, ask and reflect during the training. Often education is forced to be as effective as possible, and rarely give enough time to discuss and reflect.

I will benefit greatly from this training in my work as a yoga teacher at both gyms and companies, where I meet many people with different needs and injuries, from different sports.

I highly recommend this in-depth education.”

– Camilla Halvarsson, YYFA teacher, specialized in ice hockey