My Work & Studies

My studies

My path away from the police led me to yogic studies, and I´ve studied Hatha Yoga, Advanced Therapeutic Yoga and Yin Yoga. My yogic studies have taken me to temples in Thailand, Ayurvedic hospitals in India, the Big Sur mountains in California and the urban city of Stockholm. I´ve had the privilege to study with amazing teachers and mentors, where Paul Grilley was the one leading me to my path of Yin Yoga.

Next to my yogic studies I travel every year to take part of international fascia conferences, to meet and learn from people like Gil Hedley, Carla Stecco and Sue Hitzman.

I constantly immerse myself in anatomy and meditation studies, and study Chinese medicine with teachers and doctors in China.

My teachings

I mainly focus on educating yoga teachers in the art of yin yoga, fascia and Chinese medicine. Next to teacher trainings, I lead retreats and workshops in yin yoga and what comes with it. I collaborate with Yogayama, where I teach my trainings in Sweden.

I´ve been teaching yoga at Google Sweden, and are since a few years back the yoga teacher for the Swedish counter terrorist unit. I also work with athletes looking for private coaching in yin yoga.

For teams and athletes looking to include yin yoga and meditation/mindfulness practice into their training – feel free to contact me for collaboration. 

I´m E-RYT 500 and continuing education provider approved by Yoga Alliance.


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