My story

If someone had asked me some 12 years ago about where I would be today, I had said that I would still be out on the streets, fighting my battles for a better world. That life is long gone. I have gone from being a police officer to a full time yoga teacher and this is my story.

Growing up on a wrestling mat

I´ve always been attracted to sports. I practically grew up on a wrestling mat, being one of the first female wrestlers in Sweden. As a teenager I made it to the national team, and when I look back, I realize that I have been a pioneer with many things I have pursued.

In my twenties I decided to join the Police Academy and I ended up working as a police officer for 10 years. I loved the training which came with the job, the excitement and the high pace. I lived my dream and my aim was to become the first SWAT team female police officer in Sweden. But things did not go as I had planned.

The day my life changed

 One day during duty as a police officer during a demonstration, I was hit with a wooden pole straight down on my head. Because of adrenaline I continued to work a few hours until my commander took me out of duty and I was sent to hospital. The verdict was concussion and a minor brain bleeding. Two weeks later I was back in duty. My love for the job was too strong. I had no time being sick when I was on mission to train hard for SWAT. Little did I know the following years would lead me to burnout and depression. As well as a starting point of something new.

With one hit, my life changed, bringing years of suffering from chronic pain, strong migraine attacks and doctors feeding me with medication. One day when I hung my uniform in my cabinet I just knew. It was the last time I would see it. Realizing this, was like my life was taken from me. My identity. I got antidepressant medicine and I became bedridden.

One day a yoga studio opened up next to my house and I was convinced to give it a try. I had been given a diagnose from the doctors, saying I would never be able to train like I once had. With that verdict I felt I could at least give it yoga a try, since I couldn’t do any physical activity I was used to, without pain.

A perfect opportunity for growth

Napoleon Hill said: ”The starting point of all achievement is desire”. My desire turned out to be yoga and my injury the perfect gift for growth.

The more I practiced the more I realized the art of yoga was beyond amazing. One day a yoga teacher asked me: “Why do you think you were the one being hit by that pole and not any of the officers next to you?” She also told me I needed to breathe. I took my first yoga teacher training with her.

During that first training I pulled away my morphine patch I was wearing around the clock. Something deep inside of me knew I no longer needed it. During that training I also went back to the police force and worked part-time, but no longer on the streets. Progressively I felt that my heart was no longer within the police. I longed for more yoga and sharing yoga with others.

Getting ready for a SUP wave session in Spain

Going deeper into the art of yoga

I continued to study yoga and took a therapeutic yoga teacher training that lasted over two years. This was also the starting point of going deeper into meditation and yin yoga. I felt the physical and intense yoga was making me feel good, but it was yin yoga that made my pain go away for good. I decided I should no longer be a police officer. My experience and knowledge in yin yoga was needed out there. With all that knowledge I had gained practicing and studying yoga, not sharing it would be kind of disaster.

Full time yoga teacher

Since many years back I teach yoga full time, specializing Yin Yoga, as well as SUP Yoga. (stand up paddle board Yoga, and yes I´m SUP yoga pioneer in Sweden).

My main work is leading teacher trainings, educating yoga teachers in the art of Yin Yoga. I constantly immerse myself in anatomy and philosophy, continually amazed of the potential of the human body and mind. I have such a deep love and respect for yin yoga, which literally got me to where I am today.

Mountain running in Spain

Living a pain free life

Those doctors who told me I could never run or train like I wanted was wrong. Through lots of Yin Yoga my body was healed and ready to hit the trails. My life today is filled with surfing, stand up paddling and running ultra-marathons. Being out there in the trails, mountains and oceans have become a love affair, and part of my way of living.

You see, Yin Yoga has amazing tools. It goes deep into your layers of being and its healing abilities affects your body as well as your mind. Targeting the layers of fascia in your body, and at the same time working your awareness of your breath and presence, Yin Yoga is loaded with potential for a pain free life.

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