Online coaching

One-on-one Skype sessions

  • Customized program based on your specific needs
  • Easy to fit your schedule
  • Develop confidence, learning at your own pace
  • Focus on personal goals
  • Provide guidance to take practice to the next level
  • Overcome health concerns, injuries or limitations
  • Private, exclusive, personal

For more information or to start your only Yin Yoga program, contact Sofie Ringsten through this form. We book a suitable time and payment is made via the button below the contact form.

Payment will be made AFTER you have received an answer to the above contact form and the date of online coaching has been agreed.

Payment: Online Yin Yoga coaching

Each session begins with a discussion about your wishes and your condition, followed by a practical review of yin yoga positions made for you. Each session is 60 minutes.