Target Area

Extension of spine, sacrum, quadriceps (knees, ankles).

How to

Start by sitting on your heals. Separate your knees in a comfortable width (you can modify this later). Place your heals under your buttocks (as the picture) or next to your hips. This depends on what is comfortable for your body. Start to lean back. I recommend placing a bolster or pillows under your spine.

This pose is amazing in so many ways. But, it´s one of the yin yoga poses that scares a lot of people, since it puts your sacrum in compression. This is what we are looking for in this pose, though. So you do want a compression in your lower back. It can be a process to get into the Saddle pose, so go slow. Often people feel a lot of tension on the front body, which is good as well. We also target the quadriceps in this pose (front of your thighs). For some people, sensations arise from both the spine and quads. For others, it´s either way.

Saddle pose is one of the few yoga poses that targets the sacrum. It´s also one of the few poses that can give amazing benefits, for the same reasons. The lower back (thoracolumbar fascia) needs stress. But go slow. And when you release the pose, it will feel intense (often), but this will melt away as you sit ut or relax into Child´s pose.

There´s not one way to do this pose. Feel the target area, and modify the pose until you feel the target area, and can allow your muscles to relax.

How long

Stay around 2-5 minutes. Then slowly ease out of the pose and relax a moment before you shift leg.

Do you need guidance?

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