About the trainings

My teaching is based on simple, effective and powerful yin yoga, including yin yoga poses, breath awareness and mind training. Our bodies are made to last a lifetime, but we need to take care of them properly to fully enjoy our life. As many athletes and people in general are discovering, Yin Yoga can increase the quality of life, benefit athletic performance, and help speed recovery from injury. It is also an amazing tool to use as a strategy to prevent minor injuries from becoming chronic problems.

I offer three modules of yin yoga teacher training. Each module consists of 50 hours.

Yin Yoga foundations
Yin Yoga advanced studies – the five elements
Yin Yoga advanced studies – yin yoga for athletes

Each module is based on theory and practice – with functional anatomy. To take the advanced studies you´ll need to complete the foundation training first. (With me or another teacher).

The trainings are part science – part practice and experience based.