Yin Yoga retreat Maldives

An amazing week with daily Yin Yoga classes, awesome beaches, free access to SUP boards, and snorkeling on Maldives friendliest island.

Yoga on the roof top, overlooking palm trees, the island and the ocean and a tasty breakfast before starting your day in paradise. Here you will find plenty of activities for both those who appreciate calm and active days. Choose to come along with our adventures during the day, or choose your own adventure on the island or in the sea.

In the afternoon we offer additional opportunities for yoga, on or off a SUP board.

A Surfbussen adventure!

Our destination is the small island of Dhangethi, located in one of the smallest atolls in the Maldives. The island has a slender reef that is perfect for swimming, SUP and works well for snorkeling right next to the guest house. From December to May, the conditions are perfect for SUP, with still water and amazingly good view of the reef. The island itself is only one km where it’s the widest so you’re always close to water!

The trip includes accommodation in a newly built guest house, breakfast, lunch and dinner, two daily activities (yoga and SUP) and two community activities with locals. In addition, we´ll give you some of our favorites among excursions. Among the included activities, you decide what you want to participate in.

The yoga classes will be on the roofs of the guest house, as well as on a SUP board (SUP yoga).

The guest house is right next to a shallow lagoon and has a cozy beach garden, a quiet oasis with beautiful water and morning sun. In the nights there runs lots of beach crabs, and in the days it’s quiet and a perfect place to settle down. Here are also the hotel’s equipment, such as the SUP boards that are included in the trip.

The diving center is happy to tell you where you can snorkel yourself. Of course you can also book additional boat trips with dive, snorkel guides as well.

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