Yoga for Cops

Yoga for Cops is part of the Police Recovery Project, a project created for developing and promoting body/mind health and support for police officers dealing with heavy workload.

Goal and purpose

The goal of this program is to provide tools for managing daily stressors and workload, as well as prevent and heal injuries.

The program is based, among other things. on my years as a yoga teacher for the Swedish Counter Terrorist unit, where I´ve had the honor to implement yoga and meditation as a tool to prevent injuries, develop conscious presence, and stress management outside the workplace.

I’ve also had the honor of working with the National Bomb Guard unit.

Why Yoga

Yoga provides an excellent counterweight to the daily stress of a policeman’s life, both physically and mentally, on and off the workplace. Specifically, hours of sitting in a patrol car as well as working with full equipment causes back pain and other injuries.

The amount of daily stressors that are placed not only on cops but on the whole family can be intense, with shift work etc.

Through yin yoga, we focus on on flexibility, as well as relieving areas with pain.

Further on we work with meditation and breath control, which can help reduce stress levels and create calm under pressure, and provide assistance with recovery between workouts.