2017 I founded YYFA ® Yoga for Athletes, as a result of my own deep interest in anatomy and sports, and my own background as an elite athlete.

During many years I´ve been teaching yin yoga specifically for police officers and athletes, learning the value of yin yoga adapted to the specific need as an athlete. I have, for sure, not invented a new style of yin yoga, the poses (asanas) are same as in any yin yoga class I teach. What is different though, is the purpose behind the poses and teachings in the practice. Depending on the need of the specific athlete, a yin yoga for athletes class can be targeting and focusing specifically on areas of the body where the athlete(s) need more mobility, such as the hip joint for the climber. A class can also be themed around the athletes mind, and how to use yin yoga as a way of meditation to prepare the athlete for competition.

YYFA ® Yin Yoga 4 athletes:
1. Injury prevention
2. Recovery
3. Mind training
4. Chinese medicine

Become an YYFA ® yin yoga teacher:

The yin yoga for athletes teacher training is the only one of its kind in the world. If you want to host a training at your studio, contact me here.

If you´re a yin yoga teacher interested in participating in a teacher training, read more here.



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